Why The Rabbit Has Narrow Shoulders

Once upon a time, Wisakecahk was walking along in the woods; he passed a Rabbit. Suddenly Wisakecahk stopped. “What is wrong with the Rabbit?” He went back to the Rabbit. And he started to laugh and laugh. “What’s this that makes him laugh?” thought the startled Rabbit. “Perhaps he is planning to trick me!”

“Rabbit,” said Wisakecahk. “Why are your shoulders so narrow? It makes you look funny.” The Rabbit looking up said, “When I was young and foolish I had two sweethearts. They used to sit on each side of me. Each on tried to get my attention. I thought I was very attractive. I was flattered by their interest. I was so charmed by their warmth. I did not realize that they were squeezing me tighter and tighter. Soon they grew tired of me; they left me. Now I have only narrow shoulders to remind me of my lovers.” Wisakecahk looked with pity at the Rabbit.

“Rabbit, “ he said, “you were foolish, for that, you will remain narrow shouldered.”

So he left the poor Rabbit with his sorrow!

From that time on all Rabbits have narrow shoulders.