Welcome to VisionQuest

VisionQuest provides guests with a virtual landscape of the diverse culture and traditions of the 12 First Nations that make up the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC). Spread throughout a wide geographical region, the three linguistic groups, the Cree, Dakota and Denesuline continue to retain their identity through the sharing of traditional knowledge, language and culture.

The VisionQuest website will provide a compilation of audio visual resources, oral traditions and interactive lessons to enhance the knowledge of visitors of the unique cultural groupings of Prince Albert Grand Council.

The history and cultural traditions of the PAGC First Nations provides a strong foundation for one of the largest First Nations Tribal Councils in Canada. We move into the future with the teachings of the past.

Navigating VisionQuest

Run the mouse pointer over the petroglyphs to discover the different areas of VisionQuest. Run the mouse over the medicine wheel submenu items to explore further in each area of VisionQuest.

To view the videos use either Windows Media Player or QuickTime. Download Windows Media Player or Apple Quicktime from the links below.